Áine A. E. deDanaan, Dipl. ABT, MDiv

DSC04904_Aine2014Licensed Asian Bodywork Therapist, Áine deDanaan applies diagnostic and treatment tools of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), to guide clients on their unique path to health. Áine’s thorough intake assesses all aspects of her clients; she applies TCM tools of hands-on manual therapy (Tui Na, cupping, moxa, gua sha), dietary consultation, and Qi Gong exercises, to address dysfunction and harmonize the muscular, skeletal, nervous, and emotional systems of the body. She treats all ages, pediatrics through geriatrics, as well as specialized prenatal-postpartum, oncology, autoimmune, and athletes.

From completion of her early bodywork taining in 2002 to her 2008 advanced training at the Acupressure Institute in Berkeley, California, through continuing studies at the New England School of Acupuncture, Áine devotes herself to the integrated practice that is TCM.

Áine is a certified InterPlay leader, bringing creative tools of movement, stillness, and connection in an ethic of play to clients, classes, and community events in the region. Her holistic approach is reinforced by her master’s in divinity from the Pacific School of Religion. Áine and her husband, Andreas, are raising two vibrant, young daughters: Finnegan and Araméa.





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